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Community Plan

The Lake Cowichan First Nation (LCFN)’s vision is:

To build a solid foundation for our current and future generations to grow and prosper while acknowledging our culture and heritage.
The goal of LCFN is to provide opportunity, employment and the means to become economically self-sufficient through sustainable economic development. Such development will allow for self-dependence and reliance.

In the Fall of 2012, LCFN embarked on a process to develop a Community Plan to support this vision. The intent of the plan is to provide a decision-making framework to address existing needs and establish directions for the LCFN community.

The process involved an engagement strategy which provided opportunities for input through both a survey and community meetings. This input has provided the foundation upon which the Plan was developed. As such, this Plan represents the efforts, thoughts, ideas and expectations of the Lake Cowichan First Nation.

The Plan is organized according to the following sections:

  • Community profile
  • Community priority areas
  • Projects, budgets and timeframes
  • Land Use Plan

To view full LCFN Community Plan 2013 click here

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  • Sep 18, 2013Lake Cowichan First Nation website is all set to launch today.