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Animal Control Bylaw – SignedC

  • Economic Development – Lake Cowichan First Nation is constantly looking at various ways in which they can succeed with sustainable economic development both within their traditional lands as well as through strategic partnerships.
  • Education Support – Lake Cowichan First Nation values the advancement in education of its membership and sees education as a key source of removing barriers and ensuring that LCFN obtains the necessary tools to continue moving ahead.
  • Social Development – Although Lake Cowichan First Nation pledges economic development, it also provides social support to those that are in need.
  • Youth Programs – Lake Cowichan First Nation actively pursues funding and additional support for various youth and community programs that aim at involving our youth in multiple areas such as:
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Career Building
  • Community-building
  • Natural Resource Management – Lake Cowichan First Nation has recently begun to take more of an active role in the stewardship of the lands encompassing their traditional territory including efforts such as:
  • Assisting the local hatchery in their efforts (i.e. fry salvage, fish counting, species identification, etc.)
  • Working with local groups to protect the shoreline habitat
  • Communication with local forestry companies in relation to activities within our traditional territory.
  • Health Services – Lake Cowichan First Nation receives funds from Inter Tribal Health Authority to ensure various health services are available to its members. This includes:
  • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative funding that is aimed at prevention, awareness, and healthy eating.
  • Drinking Water Safety funding that is used to conduct regular screening of the LCFN’s drinking water supply to ensure that harmful bacteria is not present.
  • Having a Community Health Representative on staff to tend to the communities health needs and gather information to support the memberships needs.

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  • Sep 18, 2013Lake Cowichan First Nation website is all set to launch today.